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Pregnancy Support Group

Are you pregnant and wanting to meet other pregnant women to compare notes, exchange ideas and make new connections?

Are you experiencing:
  • Unsettling mood swings
  • Joyful anticipation & excitement
  • Excesive physical discomfort
  • Anxiety about childbirth & parenting
  • Feelings of hopelessness & despair
  • A sense of being overwhelmed & burdened?

                While pregnancy is generally thought of as a time of joyful anticipation, women actually experience a wide range of emotions during pregnancy. Pregnancy blues, and episodes of anxiety or depression are common during pregnancy. Most women who have these experiences, however, feel isolated and ashamed. Come join others in a supportive group designed to celebrate the wonders of this transition and address the emotional challenges of pregnancy. Learn how to cope better, build a support network, and deal effectively with the complex, sometimes unwelcome, feelings pregnancy can evoke.

For an evaluation or information about the
Pregnancy Support Group call Gina Hassan PhD (PSY13473) at 510.644.1097 or

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