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Mindful Beginnings Mom and Baby

Bringing mindfulness to infant-parent attachment and the transition to motherhood
For moms and babies (birth to around 9 months, when babies start to crawl)

                Early motherhood is a time of tremendous transformation. Being present for these changes can make the transition a joyous experience. Most of us come to this time, however, steeped in expectation about what motherhood will be like. More often than not our experience turns out to be at odds with these expectations. Learning to bring mindful attention to what is - rather than what should have been - can make the experience of parenting more pleasurable and enriching. It can enhance our sense of contentment, reduce our stress, and increase our ability to respond optimally to our infant's needs, improving infant-parent attachment.

                Come join other new mothers and their pre-crawling infants in a supportive meditation/discussion/support group aimed at reducing stress, securing self-confidence, and strengthening your emotional connection to your infant and partner. We will practice mindfulness skills, no prior experience necessary, talk about infant-parent attachment, and other topics related to early mothering. Group meets for 8 weeks and cost $280.

Here is what other mothers are saying about this group:

"I really enjoyed this group! I always felt like the group was a very safe and warm place to share experiences without any judgment."

"Your facilitation was thoughtful and helpful without being intrusive."

"I really like the way you helped us all to remember to be kind to ourselves in this time of growth and change. I also loved the way our mindfulness practice often calmed the babies."

"This practice helped me learn conscious techniques for calming my baby and even helping her to sleep."

“I thought the meetings were wonderful. The atmosphere was so comfortable and warm and I truly felt like I could share anything. I never worried about feeling judged or compared to other mothers.”

Gina Hassan, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist,
and mother, with over 20 years experience working with
pregnant and postpartum women


For an evaluation or information about the Mindfulness-Based New Mothers' Group call Gina Hassan PhD (PSY13473) at 510.644.1097 or